(IMPORTANT) Please read the information below before registering:

This page is the Older Adult (Legacy Holder) Registration. If you intend to register as a Student (Legacy Builder), please click here to navigate to the Student (Legacy Builder) registration page.

Tellegacy Program Agreement
By selecting the "I Accept" button, the family/friend point of contact, or older adult (legacy holder) is agreeing to (on behalf of) participate in a trial of the Tellegacy Program. You will be matched with a college student (Legacy Builder) who will contact you at designated times via telephone or virtual visit, as agreed upon ahead of time. The intent of the calls/virtual visits are to make intergenerational connections and to allow the Legacy Holder to share stories with the Legacy Builder. The Legacy Builders are not trained counselors or professionals and the sessions do not constitute as mental health counseling. The goal of the program is to help combat loneliness and social isolation and instill a sense of hope and purpose.
The recipient has the right to Opt Out of the Tellegacy Program at any time by notifying the contact at their facility, Point of Contact family member, Legacy Builder, and/or Tellegacy team. Each legacy holder will be treated with dignity, respect and kindness during the Program and will report any concerns to the program lead immediately. Legacy holder agrees to treat the Legacy Builder with dignity, kindness and respect as well.
The legacy holder agrees to share their weekly or monthly goals, and their past life experiences with the Legacy Builder. The Legacy Builder agrees to respect and honor the life experiences of the legacy holder. Legacy holder agrees that a Legacy Book can be created and given to the legacy holder as a summary of the discussions at the end of at least 5 sessions. Legacy holder acknowledges that phone calls/virtual visits can be recorded for training and quality purposes.
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