The legacy builder meets with the older adult legacy holder once a week for one hour and engages in meaningful conversations. An older adult can choose to meet with the legacy builder for as long as they like. At least 5 weeks of sessions are needed to receive a legacy book.

The legacy book is provided back to the resident at the end of the sessions. The book is in color, and contains a description of the older adult’s life as shared during their conversations with the legacy builder. The book may also contain details on how the student was impacted by meeting the older adult during the semester.

Benefits for Older Adults

Increase Satisfaction and Keep Older Adults Healthy by:

  • Incorporate reminiscence therapy

  • Provide a sense of purpose through goal-setting, visualization, and legacy sharing

  • Building intergenerational relationships where each stage of the human condition is valued through the mindset approach

  • Reducing stress and encouraging a positive mental wellbeing through growth mindset practices

  • Creating a sense of community as stories are preserved through our photo legacy books

What Legacy Holders are Saying

“I was able to talk to someone about my heritage, upbringing and family. It helped me to remember events that were meaningful to my family and myself. I feel blessed that I was selected to participate in the program.”


“A good generation is on the horizon. My legacy builder was attentive and asked questions. I liked having an outsider to talk to.”


“The Tellegacy program was perfect. We had a lot of fun. I could see her, my Legacy Builder, on the Google Hub, and she could see me. I like the Google Hub because I can do the Tellegacy program through it, and connect with a university student weekly this way.”